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K2DI's DXCC Country List

General InfoFormatted List

This is the 02/2011 version of my ARRL DXCC country list.    Changes since 01/2009 include the new PJ entities (PJ2 Curacao, PJ4 Bonaire, PJ5/6 Saba & St Eustatius, and PJ7 St Maarten), deletion of the old PJ2 and PJ5 entities, and new prefixes for Glorioso (FT_G), Juan de Nova (FT_J) and Tromelin (FT_T).

Much of the geographic information was provided by Ron McConnell, W2IOL.

The colon-separated fields are as follows:
  -- primary amateur prefix ("*" suffix for deleted countries)
  -- Country name
  -- Continent(s)
  -- ITU zone(s)
  -- CQ zone(s)
  -- Time zone (hours from UTC)
  -- Latitude, Longitude
  -- ITU prefix allocation(s) ("~" suffix for unofficial)
  -- Other amateur prefixes

The list is available in the following formats:
  -- formatted table: click on the tab "Formatted List" (at the top of this page)
  -- colon-delimited text file
  -- PDF by prefix
  -- PDF by country name
  -- PDF of ITU prefix allocations.

Please email corrections and suggestions to me.

Bill Brelsford, K2DI
Bend, Oregon USA
Email: dxcc[at]k2di.net
Permanent email: [callsign]@arrl.net

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